About Us

We are Rehoboth Chops & Confectioneries Limited; an exquisite Bakery and Confectionery business that engages in producing unique, extraordinary and tasty products. Rehoboth Bakery is one of the exciting bakeries in the country located in the Commercial and Residential District of Ogba, Lagos.

From our classic and carefully layout production factory in Ogba, we produce varieties of Rehoboth bread that are high in quality and distinct in taste.

Our journey so far…

Our uniquely baked and fresh products can trace their history back to 2007, when our art of baking began in 2007 at our College Road, Ogba bakery location

Over the years, our commitment to product improvement and delighting consumers’ taste buds have kept our range of freshly baked loaves a part of everyday meals.

In January 2015, we completed our state-of-the-art Bakery, situated in the heart and commercial area of Ogba. This has increased our business in size, enabling us to deliver better deliver on our value added promise and exceed expectations. Today, we are equipped with the capacity to do volume and handler a wider distribution network across Lagos state and the South-West.

Corporate Identity

CEO Introductory Note

In 2007, Rehoboth Bakery Products launched into the market in the South-Western region of Nigeria, under the name “Rehoboth Chops & Confectioneries Limited.” Driven by the passion for food, a culture of uniqueness, excellence and strict adherence to global practices, our business has combined vision, skillful baking expertise, and great personnel to create products that anticipate and meet customers’ expectations; allowing business to flourish and grow wealth for customers.

We are guided by our vision; be ultimately the leading and most sort after Bakery Products in Nigeria. Fundamentally, you (our customers) are the reason why we are business. We therefore, consider you the catalyst of our business. I believe our Customer-centric approach we believe will create a life-time relationship between us.

Thank you!

MD Introductory Note

Bread making is one of the most thrilling line of work. The passion towards baking has drown together individuals who are inspired daily to do what they love to do most. We love baking, we love to create. We have a family in one another, we challenge and push each other daily to be better than the day before. We are who we are because of our undying sense of team and the individual players that make it happen each and every day.

We invite you to have a taste of our gourmet baked bread including the famous Premium Loaf, Mini Loaf, Breakfast Bread, Hamburger Bread, Braided Bread, Wheat Bread and recently added Jolly Loaf. Whichever form your family like it, you can count on at least 7 Rehoboth Brands in every serving.

We look forward to delighting you!

Abayomi Awe, MD