Posted on 6th Jun 2013

Sometimes, there is a particular kind of hunger in your belly that is very strategic. 
This kind of hunger can make you unfocused, defy all your healthy eating commitments and diets. 
No matter what you do, this hunger will not leave you until it is appeased with the amazing combination of Ewa Agoyin and bread. 
Once you position that plate of Ewa Agoyin before you, grabbing the loaf of bread with one hand and with the other hand cutting into that silky looking loaf, breaking off a piece to use as cutlery of some sort, the high you get from this first bite is second to none. 
As you continue to scoop some Ewa Agoyin with succulent pieces of bread and assisting this process with any beverage of your choice, this unique combination keeps sending the right signals of satisfaction straight to your brain. 
Finally, you use another piece of bread to wipe the plate clean of every last morsel. Then...you sit back and take in this amazing moment you just had.